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Monday, April 26th, 2010

Two more Atlanta Kitchens signings for the month of May, likely the last until July, when I’ve got another tentatively arranged. Please come by and say hello, and I won’t argue with you if you want me to sign a book for you. (And I promise: This time, no blue wig.)

With Eagle Eye's George Scott (who thinks he is the Man in the Yellow Hat).

Saturday, May 1, 1:30-3 pm:

Eagle Eye Bookshop

2076 North Decatur Road (at Clairmont)
Decatur, GA 30033-5306
(404) 486-0307

If you don’t know this excellent little indie bookstore, you should. Its staffers are true readers and lovers of books. Hope to see you there!

At Eagle Eye, with Deborah, for last year's signing of "Atlanta Classic Desserts."

Saturday, May 8, 1-4 p.m.

Urban Cottage

998 N Highland Avenue Northeast (near Virginia)
Atlanta, GA 30306-3517
(404) 815-9993

This clever home decor store has several items that would satisfy the most demanding mom for her day’s gift (May 9) — including this cookbook. Stop on by and pick something up, guaranteeing absolution for your misbehavior over the last year.

Yaayyyy! and Bleccchhh!

Monday, April 19th, 2010

It’s been a while. The past couple of weeks have flown by, a blur of taxes, Tennessee/N.C. wanderings, with a soup├žon of acute flower-dust poisoning. Yes, I am a member of Pollen Nation. Never had any kind of allergy until I moved to Atlanta, but apparently my love of spring (“Again we have survived!”) is unrequited by those beautiful, but spiteful azaleas, dogwoods and jasmine now bursting into bloom. I came back home in a buoyant good mood, deeply breathing in the glorious open-window season. And then…. powie. You know those X-rays of people with stuff like screwdrivers and unexploded ammo in their brains, who are inexplicably still breathing? Felt a little like that.

Basil martini and bloody mary at Laughing Seed Cafe, Asheville.

Basil martini and bloody mary at Laughing Seed Cafe, Asheville.

Bill and I had a great time roaming around eastern Tennessee, with a quick jaunt into one of our favorite towns, Asheville. Bill got to meet an old friend of mine who’s now back in Knoxville, and we made a couple of good restaurant discoveries in this neck of the woods: The Foothills Milling Co., in old downtown Maryville, and the Crown & Goose, a pleasant little gastropub in Knoxville’s Old City. Asheville remains one of our favorite dining destinations in the country, and I’ll be adding reviews from there as well. (We’re also glad to hear that President Obama and his family like Asheville too — but Michelle needs to pry herself loose from the Grove Park Inn spa and come downtown and check out TOPS for Shoes! Plenty of cute stuff for Sasha and Malia too.)